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Saturday, 21 August, 2010

Sweet Friend O’mine

Oh friend you filled the void in my life,
Oh friend you have put me out of strife.
It was so bleak and dull when you came,
I wonder without you would it be the same.
She says, “The friends are treasure,
The devotion you can’t even measure.”
She taught me the value of smile
She was the one to get me out of senile.

There were times when the things were tough,
I felt, with me heavens had been rough.
But, she was sent for me as an angel,
Perhaps, to rid me of dilemma and tangle.

I wonder how much life can be strange,
And, how innocuously a person can bring the change.
Only few are chosen to have that kind of delight,
And are told after the darkness, things are bright.

©Avinash Singh Bagri

Saturday, 14 August, 2010

Left goes Right


Left and Right on 5th get unite,
Called for Bandh, to wage a fight,
Once upon a time, Left made a plight,
Wont go with saffron, whether wrong or right,
But, the chances of Left doing it alone weren't bright
So, they got onboard with Right, on the same flight !!

©Avinash Singh Bagri

It was written on the eve of the "All-India-Band" jointly called by the opposition parties including BJP and the Left. In the wake of another hike in diesel, petrol and gas prices, BJP called it and was duly supported by Left who for the matter of the fact say that they are ideologically repellent to the Saffron brigade and won't support 'em at any cost irrespective of the fact if they are right or wrong, but the UPA contrived  what even CPI(M) and CPM's "polit bureau" never dreamt of i.e. "bringing 'em together under the same banner".

Rajneeti- An IMDB Imitation

Director:                      Prakash Jha

Writers:                        Prakash Jha (Screenplay)
Anjum Rajabali (Screenplay)

Release Date:               4 June 2010 (India)

Genre:                          Drama, Crime, Thriller

Plot:                             The film is based upon a political family, which has a considerable vote bank in some state of India. After the paralysis attack of then party President Bhanu Pratap, its heirs (one: Manoj Bajpai who is supported by Ajay Devagan, the abandoned son of Bharti, Arjun’s and Ranbir’s Momma and second: Arjun Rampal who has the backing of Ranbir and Nana Patekar) fight within themselves to gain the control of the political party and to become the party’s next chief minister’s candidate. The family divides up in two parts, each trying to outsmart other by hook or crook. They can go beyond any humanitarian means to end up the battle on a winning note. Due to some circumstances created very wily from Mr. Jha, Arjun loses his life just prior to his election which led to the much awaited entry of Katrina Kaif in political Battle Field.

Plot Keywords:            Gangwar, Mahabharata, The Godfather,  Election, Casteism, Allegory, Ensemble  Cast, Interracial Relationship, Widow, Activist, One Word Title, Activism, Love Triangle, Sex, Illegitimate Child, Advisor, Marriage, Politics, Comrade

Shithead Awards
Best Director
Prakash Jha 
Best Actor for Shortest Appearance
Nassirudin Shah
Best Actress in Supporting Role
Katrina Kaif 
Best Performance in a Negative Role
Manoj Bajpai 
Best Dialogue and Best Film
Prakash Jha 

Cast : 
Naseeruddin Shah
Bhaskar Sanyal
Arjun Rampal
Prithviraj Pratap
Nana Patekar
Brij Gopal
Ranbir Kapoor
Samar Pratap
Katrina Kaif
Indu Pratap
Ajay Devgn
Sooraj Kumar (as Ajay Devgan)
Manoj Bajpai
Veerendra Pratap

MPAA:                          Rated R for strong brutal violence, pervasive strong language and some strong sexual content.
Runtime:                      160 min (seems like an eternity though)

Country:                       India & Few other countries

Language:                    Hindi

Color:                           Color (Technicolor)

Aspect Ratio:                2.35: 1 

Company:                    UTV

Trivia:                          Movie is being shot at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.                                
In the birthday scene of Bhanu Pratap, it featured Madhya Pradesh Ex-Commerce Minister Rajendra Singh.
In one scene, in Prithvi’s office the map of Madhya Pradesh could easily be seen.
Prakash Jha has some bitter memories of elections. He has fought twice from Bihar’s Bettiah (ind) and Champaran(LJP) and lost twice. Both time he couldn’t save his depositry.
Review:                       Ohhhhh JFC!!!! RAAJNEETI was the most pathetic movie of this year I have seen.. Although KITES stays in fray of this most coveted prize of "The Fuckest Movie of the Year" but the incredible length of the movie, finest of blend of so-called Family Drama, RAAJNEETI and yeah not to mention the GANG-WAR make it unbeatable.. I wonder how the actors and the crew could glue themselves to the much awaited end of the movie :)
                                    The movie starts with a typical bollywood political drama and Jha tries to give it a twist by introducing some family rivalry. But, as the movie goes on Jha saab badly loses his plot and try to get into GODFATHER mode. He would have done it successfully had it been a Gangster movie or if the era of this movie was early 1900’s. But, in current scenario no part in India bears such deteriorated condition of law and order as shown by Jha. After watching this movie, one can have a strong perception that politics is all about family and getting rid of the family members. It has nothing but brutal violence and shows that killing in India is pretty easy even if CM’s candidates are being killed not once but twice.
                                    It’s real hard to understand the message he has tried very strongly to convey to public. Thanks to some prior publicity that movie has earned a few bucks but, believe me it wasn’t worth watching free. And those who are interested in unpredictability should better watch Daily Soaps of Kekta Kapoor, because this movie has exactly the same kind of unpredictability.
                                    Those who hadn’t watched yet, should not squander their money over buying its CD or DVD or by going to hall, better download it from internet. So, that you don’t repent this decision of yours for a lifetime.