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Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

I Forgot, Curse has Always Followed the Boon

It all began when I was a child
Though the feelings were mild
There she came with a big smile on her face
The peach demanded nothing but embrace

When I saw her for the first time
I whiffed, the beauty was that sublime
Everyone always talked about her
One could anytime hear the whisper

As the time went by, she became a friend
But I couldn’t tell what I felt cz I didn’t want it to end
Yeah, I loved that pretty lady forsooth
But, I feared the things wouldn’t be that smooth

I got lucky and she knew what I felt
In her heart too, the same feelings dwelt
But, alas! It was over, way too soon
I forgot, curse has always followed the boon

All of a sudden, she had to leave
And I was left devastated and peeve
I tried to placate myself, it wasn’t the end
But, I moaned for the happiness we did blend

As I grew up and so did the sense
I don’t know why but feelings became intense
I always prayed she would come back
But, the hopes were diminished and I was alack

But, the time changed, and again I got lucky
She messaged me when the things were murky
Everything looked so savouring and bright
Apparently they all were spanned aright

Seemed, it all resumed from where we left
Her feelings and touch were still so gentle and deft
Every time I saw her, I could feel the adrenalin
I got nervous whenever she looked at me with a grin

The things were great, till one day
When a few things started to get in the way
It was all so good, till one noon
I forgot, curse has always followed the boon

Unknowingly but stupidly I put up some fight
And the things started to get tight
Unfortunately I couldn’t understand her devotion
And hence self-triggered the smoke of emotion

I don’t exactly know, how much did I hurt her
But, I can tell, it wasn’t as much as I loved her
I wish if there was a way to make it up for her
I don’t know if I can love anyone, like I loved her

I can’t blame her for ending this up
But, I really wished the things could’ve worked for us
I know I sometimes acted like a goon
Alas!! I forgot, Curse has always followed the Boon