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Tuesday, 18 May, 2010

Corruption or Lady Infestation?

I don't know how true "behind every successful man there is woman (if it’s true, then certainly vice versa is far truer)" is but I am pretty sure that "behind every corrupt man there is a woman (vice versa mmm....doubtful)." I don't intend to hurt ladies community, but I'm really sorry if I do so in the process(but, do read it, you are gonna concur with me). With due respect I admire and value the most honored and graceful gift of God to our society i.e. Women. But still, I feel corruption is a disease which starts catching up the day you get a girl. Corruption may be like clinching more money from your parents for false reasons (obviously to spend on girls) or bribery etc.
Imagine a Man without a Woman, what exactly are the needs of a Man? What does he desperately wants to do when he is in college and when he starts doing a job? When he is in college, he has got absolutely nothing to spend on unless he smokes or drinks, seldom guys go for shopping. Even if he does so, he manages to do within the stipulated amount he's given per month. But, once he gets a girl, every penny elopes like “takle k sar se baal”. Now, the expenses a guy has: call her daily for 1-2 hours; buy her stuffs, treats etc. So, ultimately he has to make some adjustments to fulfill her desiresJ.
Now, moving on when a guy is single and then get married. When he is single what expenses he has? Whatever he has it’s perfectly within his income. Pay the rent for the flat, pay for the mess and a bit of here and there, it adds up to max. 15k, that’s all and is well within any pay scale now-a-days. But once you are married it’s a whole different story. Now, the persons are “added” but the needs and fetishes are “multiplied.” Earlier one had to think about living and eating only but, now he has the burden of the future investments and all the girly stuffs that his wife desires rather badly. One of such instance is mentioned below:
I was going to Lucknow, there in the train two old ladies were narrating the stories of them and the ladies in their respective families being looted. They cited many instances how they were looted on the streets of Delhi. So, as a result they came up with the idea of keeping the original jewellery within the lockers and go out on the streets with a replacement jewellery stuff made up of Bentex and other materials. I noticed those ladies weren’t ready to give up wearing jewellery but were concentrating to find a lookalike replacement. So, I asked them, “You want to spend money buying original stuffs and keep ‘em at lockers and spend more on fake jewellery to minimize the loss?” They replied, “Yes.” I further asked then why don’t you stop buying the original, when you won’t be able to wear ‘em and just go on with fake, they replied in negative and said, “It’s just not possible.” It won’t be a exaggerating if I say it’s their fantasy only to have and buy expensive stuffs despite all the odds.
These never ending demands and fetishes are perhaps the most telling reasons for the greed and obligations one generates towards bribery and unfair means of getting money, that’s what we call Corruption.

P.S. : Plz don't get offended it's mere a satire and a kind of observation which is not meant to hurt any specific community. But honestly, women are inseparable part one's life. In fact its them who are creditable for the development of humans and society. They really are the GOD's most beautiful and admirable creations but its still true they are extravagant and are the reason behind all the corruption lol. Comments are welcome.

Thursday, 6 May, 2010

हिंदी की बात बहुत होती है, लेकिन हिंदी में बात कम होती है |

Hon'ble PM Manmohan Singh lavishing praise for English:
"Of all the legacies of the British Raj, none is more important than the English language and the modern school system. That is, if you leave out cricket! Of course, people here may not recognise the language we speak, but let me assure you that it is English! In indigenising English, as so many people have done in so many nations across the world, we have made the language our own. Our choice of prepositions may not always be the Queen's English; we might occasionally split the infinitive; and we may drop an article here and add an extra one there. I am sure everyone will agree, however, that English has been enriched by Indian creativity as well and we have given you R.K. Narayan and Salman Rushdie. Today, English in India is seen as just another Indian language.

It used to be said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. I am afraid we were partly responsible for sending that adage out of fashion! But, if there is one phenomenon on which the sun cannot set, it is the world of the English speaking people, in which the people of Indian origin are the single largest component."

-That's the gratitude and respect by our H'nble PM Mr. Manmohan Singh who happened to be a graduate of Oxford to the most defining era in Indian History and to the legacy they gave us (not accounting for the legacy they took away from us). 

Ex- PM Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee anguishing on the condition of Hindi:
"It is a bitter truth that even now (56 years after Independence), Hindi has not been able to achieve the position (of an official language) ...[But] the real fight is neither between Hindi and other regional languages nor between Hindi and English but between 'the Indian and English mentality'. What happened that we have not been able to make Hindi an effective language of communication? Why we failed in the endeavour? हिंदी की बात बहुत होती है, लेकिन हिंदी में बात कम होती है |"

-This is the anguish of a poet who happened to be our prime minister as well Shri A. B. Vajpayee. 

Above we have seen two rather contrasting views over language of India. One is lavishing out praises for English and the legacy of British Raj and other is lamenting the mentality of people even after the Independence. If we amble through these two speeches made at different times, one can clearly find out the difference between the two mentalities and why later had to point out the question of 'the Hindi and English mentality'. 

One is smirking about the inefficiency in speaking English (I wonder does that really make you feel real proud and cause to smile in front of a crowd who brought that era of disarray upon you?) and still proudly say that we constitute to the highest speakers of a language which was inflicted on us and other is deploring at the condition of the language we possess(ed) and very sadly expresses, "हिंदी की बात बहुत होती है, लेकिन हिंदी में बात कम होती है |"

One proudly say that we are the torch bearers of the legacy enforced to us and won't ever let the  "Sun set again on English" and other is moaning why even after so many years we couldn't do anything towards the betterment of our own culture and language, why we failed in our endeavour? 

The question later aggrieved is very valid in current scenario and to regain our glory of great Nalanda and Takshilla, we need to mull over this fact. English might be a language to communicate with the world or the "Queen's State - The British Empire", we might have given some legendary authors and contributed heavily towards English but its certainly not a language of a common Indian residing in a village. We don't really need to carry a legacy imposed on us, rather we need to strengthen ours, which was well torn apart and burnt by the very English Men just because of their fear of Indian culture being the richest in whole world. We think the language of British which is bestowed to 'us and other countries they ruled', is the only language we can have to communicate across our nation. Perhaps that's why our official language is English despite only 12% of Indians use this language as their means of communication. We need to rego about our theory about the language of education of our children, our nation and what do we really need to do to enrich our own culture. We used to have the best universities in the world, we gave the best scientists and the basics of Maths, the Surgery in Medical Sciences, Yog, Ayurved (no 'a' in the end, it's a mere addition in English to give it a English look) to the world. We did it without the modern pattern of education or English, we need to regain that glory and that can be achieved only if we stick to our originality and value our legacy.

I just pray that what Mr. Singh wants "the Sun won't set again on English" and what Shri. Vajpayee fears "the Sun doesn't set on Hindi" doesn't come true in front of my eyes or even after I am gone.

Tuesday, 4 May, 2010

Indian Culture -> Mordenization -> Westernization -> Deterioration

     Of late the disputes regarding reality shows, nudity on movies and daily soaps, live-in relationships and legitimation of gay relationships have gone haywire. A lot of people (most of them belonging to media, actors, revolutionary writers and teenagers)came to their rescue and a few did oppose but mocked by media and slew of so called socialists and actors. They say, to be a developed nation we first have to be a developed and an open minded society, to move along with the modern generation "Gen -Y" and the contemporary society, we ought to adapt all these and ultimately get used to it. They affirm themselves by comparing the status with that of developed countries like USA, UK, Australia etc.They ridicule people who say this is tearing our culture apart, leading to our cultural downfall. They criticize there parents for putting restrictions over them, for protecting them. They ask for their freedom, if they are restricted then you are invading their privacy. They ask for, rather desperately want what they think they should have, without actually knowing the consequences.

     Its rather unfortunate with the development of the society we are losing our part of conscience. We are too blind to distinguish between good and bad. Our righteous standards are degrading. We are acting like animals. Like a sheep we tend to follow some trend without contemplating even once and defying the richest and oldest civilisation/culture in the planet.

    It's all so much hurting to see in front of your eyes the deteriorating condition of our very own culture, nurtured by our ancestors, watered by their hard work and sacrifices. I've always wondered why in our nation Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and all other regional languages are vying for their survival? Why not being a English speaking nation our means of modern day communication is only English? Why our official language is English not Hindi or any other Indian language? You must be smirking, me moaning about English in 'English', that's only because Hindi doesn't attract people from young generations. It's a pity most of the students from Delhi and Bombay like metropolis can't talk fluently in Hindi and can't even count beyond 10. We all need to think what we are , are we being driven by a trend or still carrying the so-called "legacy of the Britishers", are we really a free country or a country led by Indians but on British values and thoughts, do we really own this country like the way it used to be?

    Son, it's time to think and stand, our fate is in our own hands, one can succeed by applying one's original methods and not by simply imitating others. We should not be the one who emulates others rather we should be the ones who make our own ways and make others to follow it. I urge our youngsters to get themselves out of the bewilderedness of the modernization to the light of the actualization.