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Tuesday, 18 May, 2010

Corruption or Lady Infestation?

I don't know how true "behind every successful man there is woman (if it’s true, then certainly vice versa is far truer)" is but I am pretty sure that "behind every corrupt man there is a woman (vice versa mmm....doubtful)." I don't intend to hurt ladies community, but I'm really sorry if I do so in the process(but, do read it, you are gonna concur with me). With due respect I admire and value the most honored and graceful gift of God to our society i.e. Women. But still, I feel corruption is a disease which starts catching up the day you get a girl. Corruption may be like clinching more money from your parents for false reasons (obviously to spend on girls) or bribery etc.
Imagine a Man without a Woman, what exactly are the needs of a Man? What does he desperately wants to do when he is in college and when he starts doing a job? When he is in college, he has got absolutely nothing to spend on unless he smokes or drinks, seldom guys go for shopping. Even if he does so, he manages to do within the stipulated amount he's given per month. But, once he gets a girl, every penny elopes like “takle k sar se baal”. Now, the expenses a guy has: call her daily for 1-2 hours; buy her stuffs, treats etc. So, ultimately he has to make some adjustments to fulfill her desiresJ.
Now, moving on when a guy is single and then get married. When he is single what expenses he has? Whatever he has it’s perfectly within his income. Pay the rent for the flat, pay for the mess and a bit of here and there, it adds up to max. 15k, that’s all and is well within any pay scale now-a-days. But once you are married it’s a whole different story. Now, the persons are “added” but the needs and fetishes are “multiplied.” Earlier one had to think about living and eating only but, now he has the burden of the future investments and all the girly stuffs that his wife desires rather badly. One of such instance is mentioned below:
I was going to Lucknow, there in the train two old ladies were narrating the stories of them and the ladies in their respective families being looted. They cited many instances how they were looted on the streets of Delhi. So, as a result they came up with the idea of keeping the original jewellery within the lockers and go out on the streets with a replacement jewellery stuff made up of Bentex and other materials. I noticed those ladies weren’t ready to give up wearing jewellery but were concentrating to find a lookalike replacement. So, I asked them, “You want to spend money buying original stuffs and keep ‘em at lockers and spend more on fake jewellery to minimize the loss?” They replied, “Yes.” I further asked then why don’t you stop buying the original, when you won’t be able to wear ‘em and just go on with fake, they replied in negative and said, “It’s just not possible.” It won’t be a exaggerating if I say it’s their fantasy only to have and buy expensive stuffs despite all the odds.
These never ending demands and fetishes are perhaps the most telling reasons for the greed and obligations one generates towards bribery and unfair means of getting money, that’s what we call Corruption.

P.S. : Plz don't get offended it's mere a satire and a kind of observation which is not meant to hurt any specific community. But honestly, women are inseparable part one's life. In fact its them who are creditable for the development of humans and society. They really are the GOD's most beautiful and admirable creations but its still true they are extravagant and are the reason behind all the corruption lol. Comments are welcome.


  1. nice blog... and i surely agree with the second paragraph ...:P

  2. nice blog... and i surely agree with the second paragraph :P

  3. Well, all that u wrote is quite disappointed.
    I didn't expect all this from u. I think u have lost all respect for women.
    U have really disappoint me with this blog.

    I know u hate many things that a girl does but u would react it in this manner, i cld never guess that also....

    I thought u respect ur mother atleast but i dont think that u have even left her with these comments....

    And ya one more thing,
    its always boys who approach the girls to be their gfs... if they think that girls make them bald headed then its better that they dont impress them and attract them and come closer to them....

    According to me all that u wrote is a complete rubbish and should be thrown in dustbin.

    And u have to amke up for ur mistake else u'll loose respect for urself from me atleast.

  4. its really an insult to Women....
    and very bad on ur part to say all this....

  5. hey it was a special request nt to get offended. tht was a sarcasm nt meant tp hurt was like the pranks people paly on others.wht do i need to do to make it up for u though? lol