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Saturday, 14 August, 2010

Left goes Right


Left and Right on 5th get unite,
Called for Bandh, to wage a fight,
Once upon a time, Left made a plight,
Wont go with saffron, whether wrong or right,
But, the chances of Left doing it alone weren't bright
So, they got onboard with Right, on the same flight !!

©Avinash Singh Bagri

It was written on the eve of the "All-India-Band" jointly called by the opposition parties including BJP and the Left. In the wake of another hike in diesel, petrol and gas prices, BJP called it and was duly supported by Left who for the matter of the fact say that they are ideologically repellent to the Saffron brigade and won't support 'em at any cost irrespective of the fact if they are right or wrong, but the UPA contrived  what even CPI(M) and CPM's "polit bureau" never dreamt of i.e. "bringing 'em together under the same banner".

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