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Saturday, 21 August, 2010

Sweet Friend O’mine

Oh friend you filled the void in my life,
Oh friend you have put me out of strife.
It was so bleak and dull when you came,
I wonder without you would it be the same.
She says, “The friends are treasure,
The devotion you can’t even measure.”
She taught me the value of smile
She was the one to get me out of senile.

There were times when the things were tough,
I felt, with me heavens had been rough.
But, she was sent for me as an angel,
Perhaps, to rid me of dilemma and tangle.

I wonder how much life can be strange,
And, how innocuously a person can bring the change.
Only few are chosen to have that kind of delight,
And are told after the darkness, things are bright.

©Avinash Singh Bagri


  1. Very very very nice....
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